Aqua control is a thin  invisible  coating  suitable for the windshield and side windows of your vehicle. This coating modifies the surface tension of the glass, thus allowing raindrops to be formed much larger. The droplets  are  removed easily in conjunction with air and speed.

Unlike other water-repellents which last only a few hours, a layer lasts for up to 20.000klm on the windshield and up to 60.000klm on the side windows before having to renew. Manufacturers such as Ford, Kia, Lexus, Mazda, Nissan, Porsche and Volvo produce their vehicles with coated Aqua control.
As the coating lasts up to 60.000klm or up to 3 years, the glasses on these models require renewing.

Aqua control advantages:

  • Safer driving conditions
  • More driving comfort
  • Driver reaction time reduced by 25%
  • Better vision in bad weather
  • Fewer reflections at night
  • Insects, snow and ice removed
    with ease
  • Less wear of the windscreen wipers